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Patent Pending Silver Ion Disinfection Technology

Aurabeat Technology

Silver ion: nemesis of virus

Aurabeat’s research team successfully developed silver ion patented disinfection technology in 2020, which can effectively reduce viruses in the air, including COVID-19, and greatly reduce the risk of secondary infections.

The air filter material has a silver ion antibacterial and antiviral coating. This can eliminate viruses, bacteria, and moulds that are blocking the air filter, and effectively eliminate microorganisms that pass through the air filter.

There are five mechanisms for silver ion to restrain and eliminate viruses

  • Effectively degrade and destroy viruses
  • Suppress virus activity and infectivity
  • Destroy the DNA and RNA of viruses
  • Prevent viruses from attaching and invading cells
  • Suppress virus replication

A third-party test conducted by a virology laboratory confirmed that 99.9% of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) can be eliminated in 10 minutes.

Patented AHEAF Technology

Aurabeat AHEAF  Technology

Next-generation air filtration technology

Aurabeat ’s team of experts has developed a unique patented technology — AHEAF technology, which the acoustic energy causes rapid air vibration of the particles and greatly improve the filtration efficiency and reduce energy use and cost of consumables for sustainable air purification, hence to provide sustainable and pollution-free clean air solutions

Aurabeat adds the sixth air filtration mechanism “Acoustic Air Vibration”.

The acoustic energy causes rapid air vibration of the particles. This will:

  • significantly increase their traveling distance and their chance of being captured by the filter fibers,
  • enhance the capturing of the particles by diffusion as the air vibration generates additional turbulence, and
  • increase the chance of particles entering the boundary layers of the filter fibers.

Acoustic Air Vibration increases the filtration efficiency of an air filter by up to 50% without increasing the pressure drop of the filter. When used in an air purifier, our technology can reduce the purifier size and increase its clean air delivery rate.

Aurabeat’s uniqueness :

  • Can be combined with and enhance the efficiency of most available air filters
  • Increase their filtration efficiency without increasing its pressure drop
  • Reduce energy and material costs
  • Customizable size, retrofit-able to filtration system and air purifier

Technology licensing

AHEAF technology is compatible with most air purifier products and air handling units.

It simply enhances the filtration and energy efficiency of the air filter. If you are interested to use or license our technology, please contact us.