A Game Changing Solution

Aurabeat’s unique patented technology utilizes sound (acoustic) energy to purify air.

Particle movement in air flow

Particle movement in air flow under acoustic wave

Adding the Sixth Air Filtration Mechanism

Aurabeat adds the sixth air filtration mechanism – Acoustic Air Vibration.

The acoustic energy causes rapid air vibration of the particles. This will:

  • significantly increase their traveling distance and their chance of being captured by the filter fibers,
  • enhance the capturing of the particles by diffusion as the air vibration generates additional turbulence, and
  • increase the chance of particles entering the boundary layers of the filter fibers.

Particle movement in air flow under acoustic wave

Particle movement in air flow under acoustic wave

Filter Media

Our Uniqueness

AuraBeat technology increases the filtration efficiency of an air filter by up to 50% without increasing the pressure drop of the filter.

When used in air purifier, our technology can reduce the purifier size and increase its clean air delivery rate.

AuraBeat’s uniqueness :

  • Can be combined with and enhance the efficiency of most available air filters

  • Increase their filtration efficiency without increasing its pressure drop

  • Reduce energy and material costs

  • Customizable size, retrofit-able to filtration system and air purifier

We expect the air filtration industry will gradually be upgraded with AuraBeat technology.

The next generation of air filtration.

Technology Licensing

AHEAF technology is compatible to most air purifier products and air handling units. It simply enhances the filtration and energy efficiency of the air filter. If you are interested to use or license our technology, please contact us.