We have a new air purifier product - AG+ Silver Ion Plasma Sterilization Air Purifier NSP-X1 (AG+雙離子消毒空氣淨化器). NSP-X1 is effective to inactivate virus, bacteria and fungi (including Coronavirus). Click HERE to learn more about this product and to purchase.

Company Profile

Aurabeat Technology Limited (雅弦科技有限公司) is a member company of Incu-App Programme, Hong Kong Science and Technology Park. Our unique patented technology - Acoustic-aided High Efficiency Air Filtration (AHEAF) uses acoustic wave (sound wave) to induce vibrational motion on particles in air during filtration, which greatly improved filtration efficiency and at the same time reduce energy and consumables cost. US Patent: US10159925B2, EU Patent Application: EP3192580, China Patent Application: CN106955540 A.


To upgrade air filtration to a more efficient and
energy-saving generation.


To deliver sustainable clean air to every
person in the world.